Bakkie liner is a poly urethane based product that is a must have for every bakkie. It protects your bakkie bin from scratches due to heavy loading. Bakkie liner is also sprayed on trucks,buses,boats and is also used for waterproofing of swimmi

Safety facts Provides an extra barrier of protection for increased safety Reduces the risk “smash and grab “attacks Increases privacy in your vehicle from wondering eyes Helps hold shattered glass in place that provides increa

Rustproofing is a must have for every vehicle on the coastal areas due to the fact that everything rusts Our rust rustproof  is available in  clear and it helps with prevention of rust 

We also rebuild engine and gearbox mountings and recondition ball joints and tie rod ends We also supply and fit tonneau covers, canopies , side steps, bull bars and roll bars 

Underbody seal is a soft waxed that is sprayed to the under of a vehicle which provides protetction from rust Underbody seal is the ultimate protection for every 4x4